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Oil painting: Whispers of the Cosmos (18 x 24)



Whispers of the Cosmos

Whispers of the Cosmos

ChatGPT says this: an exploration of chaos and harmony, a visual representation of the universe's whispers caught in the eternal act of creation.

 Me? Its a poor attempt at painting but that's exactly how I imagined it!

Oil painting: Ember (18 x 24)



Oil painting: Ember (18 x 24)

Our own beliefs, anxieties, and insecurities frequently prevent us from realizing our greatest potential. But what if we could discover how to overcome the obstacles that our own imaginations present?

Oil painting: Transpire 11 x 14



Oil painting: Transpire 11 x 14

By recognizing and accepting our personal limitations and treating ourselves with the same kindness and understanding we would extend to a close friend, we can indulge in the LUXURY of reducing stress, increasing motivation, and building resilience. 


Acrylic Oil  Metallic Painting: sunlit seedling. 11 x 14

Don't let your feelings for a certain person or a certain situation cloud your judgment. There are times to let the heart lead and there are times to let the mind take the helm. Keep your feelings under control! Hone your mind to do this and everything will be much easier in life.